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Rich and Famous

by Toby Wren

Original music by Toby Wren featuring Joseph O'Connor, Andrew Shaw and Chris Vale.

toby wren: guitarist and composer


“A thrilling ride with some unexpected detours... Everything Must Go was recorded in a day. With a quartet this good, who needs longer?” Courier-Mail.

“Timeless and unaffected... sweet, bluesy and inscrutable...” Courier-Mail.

“A full ringing tone and suppleness of melodic invention.” Limelight Magazine.

“Every track is a masterpiece... a significant contribution to Australian jazz.”


The Toby Wren Trio is currently workshopping materials for their sixth album, Black Mountain. Their most recent release, Rich and Famous, explores musical structures of Carnatic music in a jazz quartet setting, featuring Freedman winner Joseph O'Connor on piano. Previous highlights include Everything Must Go, featuring Jamie Oehlers (saxophone), and Toby's collaborations with Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani and Ghatam Vaidyanathan Suresh. Toby has a PhD in ethnomusicology and teaches media and cultural studies at SAE creative media institute and jazz guitar at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.





News & Updates

New live videos from our gig at JMI Live where we aired some of the new tunes we have been working on for the upcoming Black Mountain album.